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What three things related to the COVID-19 pandemic, do you think should have been done differently?

Do more work to understand immunity status, allowing safer work conditions.

Better tracing.

Increase testing capacity.

Be much more transparent with the public.

Give mental health support to medical professionals.

Protect key workers. Why are police not wearing masks? Why are nurses not wearing masks at the hospital when not with patients. Surely they are still at risk when indoors close to others.

Agree with other countries best practices for counting cases, deaths... so we can all learn from each other and compare strategies.

Organise workspace better to keep staff safe.

Government should have acted on recommendations to prepare for a pandemic several years ago

Quicker Recognition of the severity of problem. Trump denies it with Magical Thinking

Openly shared metrics on cases county by county -- without this data, it's hard to plan a response

Infection control policy should have been tougher at beginning- too relaxed in too many places - care homes

Better communication from Govt.

PPE for everyone who needs it.

Open up shelters and hotels to those with no fixed abode.

Provide more opportunities for those who are out of a job to retrain.

Test,Test,Test! And early on. Then contact trace, and isolate.

Have a better system for track and trace.

Think about boosting up mental health provisions.

Provide further help to business to keep people in their job.

Rely on natural ventilation when possible instead of AC.

Better examples set by governments officials such as Cummings

Testing, use of WHO test to test before the virus was first detected in USA.

PM should have attended cobra meetings

Adoption of digital automation technology to free up key workers from repetitive and admin based tasks.

Better testing.

Provide more support to care homes.

Make face covering compulsory in public places, in particular indoors.

More proactive/earlier lockdown.

Always have stock of PPE to keep staff protected for 2 months at least.

Be much more transparent with the public.

More collaboration in sharing good practice between hospitals .

Earlier lockdown

Recognition that testing, contract tracing, isolation and treatment are the only way to contain the virus while praying for treatments or vaccine.

Lock down a week earlier.

Would seem pandemic planning/ modelling and preparing processes were out of date, inadequate and poorly thought through or resources. Hoping preparation modelling and planning will be better for future

More choice for those that are at little to no risk to continue working in order to maintain the economy.