My Story




Lucky to have space at the hospital

I started feeling very unwell in the evening, so my wife called the emergency services and they were there very quickly. I had been coughing and feeling very tired for the last couple of days, so I was staying in the bedroom to try to keep my family safe. When the ambulance arrived, I still had fever and had shortness of breath.

I got checked by a young doctor who explained everything, she was very reassuring. She was very well protected, which was nice to know as I had heard on the news that some hospitals were lacking masks and protection equipment.
Her and her colleagues decided that it would be best to admit me for the night to keep me under observation. Things then got worse, and I received some extra oxygen. The next morning I was feeling a little better, and within a week, I got discharged from the hospital.

My daughter and my grand-son caught the virus too, but my wife didn't (well, she didn't have fever or a cough). For both of them it was a very mild case. I felt terrible...the idea that I could have given it to a small child, but no treatment needed, I am not even sure that he needed any paracetamol for the fever. My daughter had a bit of a headache and a cough.

To this date, I still do not know how I contracted it as I was staying at home most of the time. Could it be from one of the delivery people? or maybe going down in the elevator to pick up the mail... I never took it when someone else was in there, but maybe the virus was in the air, or on the buttons? I don't think that I will ever know.

But in the end I am grateful that we are all recovered and well, and I don't think that we infected anyone else.