My Story







Felled by covid

On 24th March I was preparing my daughter's bedroom for her return from university the next day. I was very tired and it took me 3hrs to do something I’d normally do in 30 mins. I put it down to a week of running around like a headless chicken preparing in case of lockdown. When my daughter returned that evening I could hardly muster the strength to greet her. I had no temperature or any symptom I’d read about. The next day I couldn’t eat my breathing became laboured and was I was quite out of it. The following day my daughter called the Covid line and spoke to a Dr he sent a prescription for anti-biotics to our local chemist. All 3 of us were now in isolation and family and friends got mediation and shopping for us. A week after becoming ill I was not improving and my daughter called the Covid line again. This time stronger antibiotics and inhalers were prescribed I had hardly eaten in a week. My chest felt tight and I could not breathe deeply, I developed a cough which was triggered any time I tried to breath deeper. I had no strength or energy. Simply tasks like brushing my hair became major. My other daughters wanted me to go to hospital but my husband and younger daughter were worried about sending me there and felt I was better at home. On the 12th day I started to feel an improvement in my chest and pushed myself to eat a little each day and move around. I was weak on my feet and took ages to climb the stairs. I discovered I was spotting even though I hadn’t had periods for 10 yrs it lasted 2 weeks. I Coffee and sweet food such as chocolate tasted foul consequently after 3 weeks I had lost around 20lbs. Each day I felt a little improvement and after 3 1/2 weeks I went for a walk supported by my husband but struggled to the end of the street. I was breathless and easily winded. I gradually got stronger doing simple cleaning jobs around the house, a little gardening etc just to get some exercise. I found myself waking during the night sweating Sometimes I felt feint. I felt much better by week 5 but I coughed each time I spoke and I felt a heaviness in my upper chest. I used the inhalers I had been prescribed. In the 6th week I developed laryngitis. I researched the inhalers and realised my cough was not from my chest it was my throat and the inhalers were aggravating it. I stopped the inhalers and rested my voice for a few days. It helped and my voice returned and the cough went. I got stronger started taking longer walks and food shopping. A few weeks later my ankle became hot and red. Over a few days it got worse and I went to hospital where they diagnosed cellulitis - I never had it before. I had 5 visits in succession to receive intravenous antibiotics followed by 7 days oral anti biotics. It took a further 3 weeks to fully recover. The following week brushing my hair I realised an awful lot was coming out. It continued for 10 days then I spoke again with the Dr he said it was probably Talogen Effilium. Basically the growth cycle of my hair had been interrupted by the shock to my system caused by Covid. I have now lost @ 50% of my hair although all my blood tests came back good. The Dr believes it will grow back in 6 - 9 months. I have remained as positive as I can be thankful that I wasn’t hospitalised and I survived Covid. As a healthy person prior to 24th March I hope to fully regain my health and hair! I have no clue where I caught Covid but neither my husband or daughter caught it. I go out frequently always social distancing and wearing a mask. I carry hand gel and use it regularly. I am thankful to all my family and friends who helped out with acts of kindness or just showing they cared. The biggest thank you goes to my youngest daughter who helped to get me well again and put up with an awful lot.